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Leadership Retreat

The Saanjh Leadership Retreat is open to all above the age of 18 and features interactive workshops and discussions that explore subjects like an individual’s personal relationship with the Divine, identity and culture issues, history ,literature and present day challenges before the community. We utilize an interdisciplinary approach featuring spiritual, philosophical, cultural, historical, political, and activist angles to explore these diverse topics. And we enjoy the magic of morning and evening divans in the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib. It is also an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow participants and enjoy the power of the collective through various fun activities, whether a hike in the Redwoods or stories by the campfire or enjoying kirtan under the stars.

Saanjh 2011 from The Innersearch on Vimeo.

The first Saanjh Leadership Retreat was held in 2008 in Santa Cruz, CA and has become an annual feature ever since. Our hope is to challenge our assumptions, current actions and paradigms, and collectively develop a broader and more nuanced understanding of Sikhi while inspiring activism. The aim of Saanjh is not only to provide information, but create an intimate environment where we can imbue ourselves and others with love for the Divine and translate this love into positive social change. All this in unique settings, away from the world so we can bond and learn from each other. For a motivating, stimulating, and moving experience, come join us!

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